Looking For a Local House Cleaner?

Looking For a Local House Cleaner?

Count on us for top-notch cleaning services

Let's be honest, cleaning is hard. It gets even harder when you're busy doing other things. Keep your house clean without lifting a finger by calling KLS Cleaning Company today. We'll come to your home and clean every room or just the areas you want us to. We always use non-toxic and environmentally friendly products to keep your family safe without sacrificing quality.

Ready for a cleaner home? Call 845-796-6021 today to get your estimate.

There's never a bad time for professional cleaning

We're the perfect cleaning company for any occasion. That includes:

  • Spring cleaning: Have a bunch of clutter from the winter months? We'll come over and clean up for you.
  • Move-in cleaning: Ready to move into your new home? We'll make sure everything's clean before you get settled.
  • Move-out cleaning: Is it time to move out of your current home? Let us come in a tidy up before the new family arrives.

No matter what, we'll work quickly, efficiently and with close attention to detail.